Stillwell Avenue

Years ago, the subway station was vibrant with concession stands and a long ramp to the street.  It fell into disrepair.  It became dark, the concessions closed and was not a pleasant or safe place to use (Photo:  A. Sandy (c))

Approxmately 45 years ago, there was a souvenir shop on this street, owned by my friend’s father.  He owned it for over 20 years.  It later became a liquor shop.

Before the Newport sign was the Coppertone Baby, who welcomed visitors.  Times have changed and so eventually did the subway station.

New construction of the old station with a bit of Coney charm.

Surf Avenue (Photo:  Jimvid (c))

Coney Island Souvenir T-Shirt Shop.

Denny’s Ice Cream Shop.

Williams’ Candy Shop, the only remaining candy store in Coney.

The famous Eldorado “Bump Your Ass Off” the music never stops! (Photo:  A. Sandy (c))

The Shore Theater, home to vaudville shows and many other transformations over the years.  The theater has been closed for years..  Murry Zaret’s Animal Nursery was next door.  The nursery had exotic animals as well as house pets.  I adopted a Maine Coon Kitten there.  (Photo:  C. Denson, “Coney Island Lost and Found” (c))

Hone of the minor league Mets.

For those who are really hungry…

Nathan’s Famous

You haven’t eaten a hot dog until you’ve had one at Nathan’s Coney Island, the Original.

The snap of the frank, the toasted bun, mustard, kraut, onions, the long lines, and of course the embiance of eating the best frank and food.  As “they” say… it always tastes better at the beach!

Of course, Stillwell Avenue was home to Philip’s Candy Shop from the 1930’s until the train station closed for renovation.  The shop is currently located on Staten Island.

Another icon, B&B Carousell which closed in July 2001.

Mike operated the Carousell for many years.  He passed away on July 4, 2001.

Magic Bowling now replaces the Carousell (Photo: D. Matlack (c))

Stillwell Avenue & Henderson Walk.

The Coney Island Museum was once located on the Boardwalk and relocated to a store front on Mermaid Avenue.  Dick Zigun and colleagues gave worked hard to turn Sideshows by the Seashore into a beautiful store front on the corner.

The new location of the Coney Island Museum and Freak Bar.

Stillwell Avenue view (Photo:  Jimvid (c))

Of course, there have been additional changes on Stillwell Avenue, be sure to come back for more photos.



A walk on the Boardwalk (in no particular order)

The Atlantis Bar took on many forms.  Toward the end, it became a Western-oriented bar with a country guitarist playing and singing on the bar.  (c)

Before the City decided to fill under the boardwalk with sand, people used to hang out, have parties, and some called it “home”. (c)

After the sand replishment program, the City installed a Welcome sign. (c)

Ruby’s old Tyme Bar – through the years

Ruby sitting outside the bar early spring. (c)

Souvenir Shopping

Hanging out on a grandstand.

Child’s Restaurant Building Landmarked

Old Child’s Restaurant postcard

Child’s building in disrepair (before Landmarking)

Beautiful Terra Cotta work covers the building.

The 2008 Season brought a new look to the words beauty, fun and functionality at the old Child’s building.  Lola Staar’s Roller Rink opened to great applause.  Diana Carlin (aka Lola) worked hard to make her “Dreamland” a reality.

 That’s Lola outside her dream.

Dreamland becomes a reality.

Vacant storefront to become home to Lola’s Boutique.

Lola Staar’s Boutique

Lola outside her boutique.

Shoot the Freak (some how this game seems wrong…)

Cha Cha’s

 Gregory & Paul’s

“Dewey” sat a top of Gregory & Paul’s for many years.  Dewey has since been taken down.

Astroland operated for over 40 years until it was sold to a development company.

The original Astroland Spaceman (Photo: CI History Project/Astroland Archives, all rights reserved)

The Astro Tower revolved 365 degrees and provided a birds eye view of Coney Island and surrounding areas.

Astroland drew large crowds every season.

Plenty of rides and attractions on the boardwalk.

After the 2008 Season ended, Astroland was closed.  It was dismantled and became a wasteland.

The rides were dismantled and taken away. (Photo: Pablo57)

Astroland – Vanished (Photo: Pablo57)

After removal of the Rocket, from a top of Gregory & Pauls,  it sat for most of the winter before being put in storage. (Photo: B. Yankowitz)

   Astroland lot (Photo: Pablo57)

Astroland – Farewell (Photo: Jimvid)

Deno’s Wonderworld Park

The New York Aquarium

Shark Tank

Come back for more…