Mae Timpano, Passed Away

October 14, 2009

Mae Timpano, longtime resident of the Henderson Hotel building, located under the Thunderbolt Rollercoaster passed away in September.


She was a great lady and will be missed.



9 Responses to “Mae Timpano, Passed Away”

  1. john said

    As Mae Timpano’s only Great Grandson, i appreciate all of the memories that everyone has shared, she was the most amazing woman I know and her memory will remain.

  2. Marilyn said

    I’ve always wanted to know (for years) after seeing the house under the abandoned THuderbolt who lived there. THen I went to a Historical weekend documentary in back of St. Mark’s in the village because I read that the perosn who lived under the Thuderbolt’s interview/story would be screened!!! I couldn’t wait! Ahh! There it was the true story of the person/people who lived in that house. I just told someone that story, too. Glad to have heard about Mae and her love of that house.

  3. Suzanne said

    As Mae’s favorite grand daughter, I would like to say that she would be so happy to know you all remember and loved her.
    -Suzanne Glanstein

    • Dee payton said

      someone posted on another site Mae was Jewish. I am hoping this is the link I have been searching for. I am the g-grandaughter of Michael Timpano and Lillian, grandaughter of Maria, Peter, Teresa. All of Canarsie Brooklyn. PLEASE email me what you know.

      • If you go to the web site under the roller coaster ,its a short documentary about her living under the Thunderbolt with Our Uncle Freddy as his girlfriend for a couple of years & they never got married at all because she was catholic & not Jewish. Mae explains that she was catholic in the documentary & how she met Uncle Freddy. please look me up on Facebook under & can tell you what you want to know about Mae Timpano. Martin Kramer

    • Hi Suzanne, Aunt Molly was married to my Uncle George & there son Freddy Moran was my uncle & Mae Timpano was Uncle Freddy’s girlfriend . can please contact me on Facebook & my email address at & please send me picture’s of Mae Timpano & Uncle Freddy. Grandpa Arthur is Ira Kramer’s oldest son & my father’s brother is Uncle Jack Kramer. My brother Harold Kramer owns The Boulevard Tavern Bar in Downtown Brooklyn & Mae Timpano daughter is named Cookie. Can please have her daughter contact me as well at my email address at & on Facebook . Please I would like to hear fro you both.

    • I’m Martin Kramer & Aunt Mae was my aunt I didn’t know she past away until now when I looked at the his wed site about her Aunt Mae lived with my Uncle Freddie for a long time & Uncle George was Uncle Freddie father & was married to Aunt Molly. Please send me pictures of Aunt Mae , I will always remember the good times our families had to gether , may she rest in peace I will miss her very much. Than You very much. My address is 5710 East Tropicana Ave Unit #2046 Las Vegas, Nv. i9122-6777 my phone number is 7027627450

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