Over 8,000 Visitors! WOW! (updated 3/10/10)

November 16, 2009

THANKS to everyone who have visited “Coney Island Playground of the World” since March, 09! (when it first went live online)  And thanks to all of you who have sent your comments, I love reading your memories of this great place!

Now that there are plans to redevelop the amusement zone this season, Coney’s lights will be shining brighter and there will be lots more to do — this is exciting news!

If you have photos or stories of Coney past and present that you would like to have added, please email me at diane_howley@msn.com.  You’ll receive credit for your photos and your stories will be added as well.

In addition, a new section is in development of images that I have taken of Coney over the years that will be available for purchase at very resonable prices… keep checking back.  Most importantly, thanks for visiting the Coney Island Blog!

Diane (egulvision)


One Response to “Over 8,000 Visitors! WOW! (updated 3/10/10)”

  1. LEN said

    Great photos and memories. I spent many good times in Coney Island in the 50,s & 60’s, that’s over 50 years ago and I still return often from my residence in New Jersey. I also can say that I have a real “Coney Island Baby”, that would be my wife that I met in Coney Island in 1963. In all my travels nothing comes close to the fun places like Steeplechase, the Paracchute Jump or Raven Hall.
    Keep up the good work.
    Let’s “Save Coney Island”!!

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