A New Luna Park Comes to Coney Island!

May 20, 2010


Photo courtesy of Coney Island Resident, Bruce Handy, aka Pablo Jonsey.

Bruce provided the following comment about the new Park.

“It’s a joy to watch the birth of Luna Park and the rebirth of Coney Island. The first Luna Park in Coney Island was one of the first amusement parks ever built and the Zamperla team is proud and aware that they are building on historic ground. All roads lead to Rome and all amusement parks lead away from Coney Island. It is an honor to be able to photograph the birth of an amusement park, a once in a lifetime event. I am a very lucky person!”

For images documenting the construction of Luna Park in chronological order, go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/pablo57/sets/72157623843291236/ and keep following Bruce’s photographs.

The following is an article from CNN’s IReport on the New Luna Park (5.18.10)

A new Luna Park, with an entrance reminiscent of the 1903 original is scheduled to open in Coney Island on May 29, 2010.

Several of the 19 new rides have arrived and are being set up by construction crews in a rush to meet the deadline. Workers are also busy on the infrastructure of the park, including electrical wiring  and a drainage system to keep the area dry in rough weather.

The new rides, manufactured by an Italian company, will include a spinning rollercoaster, the “Tickler”, a giant swinging pendulum, a water plunge, a hot air balloon ride and a kiddie rollercoaster.

With names like “Lunar Express”, “Electro-Spin”, “Eclipse” and “Air Race” the rides combine classic theme-park thrills with brand new technology.

Admission to the park will be free and visitors will be able to either pay as they go, ride-by-ride, or purchase a ride package with a wristband giving them unlimited use of the attractions within a set number of hours.

Wristbands will cost  $26 on weekdays and $30 during weekends.

Luna Park is scheduled to open on Memorial Day weekend, ,marking the first phase of New York City’s re-development of Coney Island.


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