Fairwell Ruby’s Bar

September 2, 2011

I’m sharing this article from Jeremiah Moss’  Vanishing New York.

It’s painful to see Ruby’s and other restaurants and shops go at the end of this season.  Some people may think it’s progress, I for one think blending the old with the new is a good concept. (Diane Howley)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bar of Coney Island

by Jeremiah Moss
Ruby’s Old
Time Bar
was opened by Rubin “Ruby” Jacobs just a few decades ago, yet it looks like it’s been on the boardwalk forever. Maybe that’s because Ruby had been there all his life, first selling knishes on the sand then operating Coney’s last bathhouses, Stauch’s, Claret’s, and Bushman’s. Souvenir ticket stubs and photographs from the
bathhouses line the walls of Ruby’s bar, along with hundreds of photos from
Coney’s glorious past.Ruby died in 2000 and now his legendary bar is about to join him, thanks to Joe Sitt, who sees himself as comic-book hero Thor, “protector of the cities.”

Painting in Photo by Robert Leach

When you ask Coney people if they’ll be there next year, they shrug and say, “Who knows?” A counterman at Gregory & Paul’s responded by calling out, “Who knows, who knows, only the nose knows! Step right up for ice-cold beer here!”

At Ruby’s, I asked Frank the bartender if he thought they’d have another season on the beach. He told me, “Sometimes I get a good feeling and sometimes I get a bad feeling. Maybe we’ll get another year, but I wouldn’t put my money on it. Why would someone pay millions of dollars for this property and then let us stay? I’m just taking it  one day at a time. Like an alcoholic, or a drug addict.”

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