2012 Season Draws to a Close

August 23, 2012

Labor Day (the unofficial end of summer) and I must admit I did not update this blog at all (shame on me).  However I will be uploading photos from some very good photographers who capture Coney Island’s essence.  Also, I’ll recap all the great things that happened this year.  So come back in the new week or two and check it out!  Thanks!


One Response to “2012 Season Draws to a Close”


    I really think it is wrong and so do other Coney Islandites that you have removed the original wooden boardwalk. you had no right to do that. The people in Coney Island are against it and so am I. Bring Coney Island back to what it was and better.

    Make a new steeplechase, buy that movie theater up and either make it a new hotel or movie theater. reopen Denny’s Ice cream parlor. Either restore the parachute jump or call it the parachute light tower. And make a new parachute jump. fix up that long pole of the astro-land viewer let it be use again to view coney island or paint it and use it as a light tower.because it is ugly.

    clean up all of Mermaid Avenue, fix up the buildings hit by Hurricane Sandy. Open a Carrabas in Coney island, and mall. On surf Avenue put a supermarket.

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