I grew up in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.  I spent every summer from age 5 till age 20 on the beach at Coney Island.  I was privileged to have access to all the rides at Steeplechase Park.  I made many friends in Coney over the years.  Although I no longer live in Brooklyn, Coney is still my life and my passion.  I try to get back there at least twice a year, take photos, and eat great food, Nathans, Williams Candy and Garguilo’s.  Although Coney Island has been blighted by Thor Equities, it still remains the fun spot in the 5 boroughs!  I LOVE CONEY ISLAND!


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  1. Rich Garr said

    Hello CI Blog! I thought you might like to know about some new stuff going on in your old neighborhood. AND, your readers may be interested if you care to post these events or mention them (there will be many more walking tours throughout the Spring and Summer, and usually at more manageable times).

    SUNDAY April 4th, 6:30 AM
    What better way to celebrate the new era of Coney Island than witnessing a sunrise? The natural light show starts off the “Coney Island’s Talking Boardwalk” tour, and we’ll go on to explore Coney’s development from 1850 to 1950. As an extra morning bonus, the tour starts and ends in front of Dunkin’ Donuts.

    SATURDAY March 27th, 6:30 PM
    For those not into celebrating Easter Sunday at dawn (or for those still lamenting the loss of “old Coney”), come gather for another symbolic tour at sunset, as we christen the “sunset” of another beautiful era of Coney’s past in the dusk of the oceanfront shadows.

    Though the tours are at different times and days, the details are the same:

    Coney Island’s Talking Boardwalk
    Piece together the present Coney Island by walking through its bizarre past. We present the stories, you connect the dots: elephant execution, midget villages, Al Capone, etc. Meet at the northeast corner of Stillwell and Surf Avenue, just outside the subway station. Trains: D/F/N/Q to Coney Island Stillwell Avenue

    Tickets: $15 in advance (www.GothamSideWalks.com) or $20 cash.

    Thanks for any mention… I hope to see you around!

    -Rich Garr

  2. Chaz said

    I saw the photo of Grandpa Harry at Luna Park, that was posted at Kinetic Carnival Flickr Group. I was wondering what year that was.


    • egulvision said

      Hi, thanks for reading my blog. In answer to your question, my mother never wrote the date on the back. And unfortunately, I didn’t receive the photo until she passed. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


  3. Jennifer said

    I’ve run across a souvenir from Henderson’s Coney Island and I have no clue what it is, and can’t find anything on it on the web. I’m trying to find my camera cord so I can send you a photo, but in the meantime; It’s a small glass box, with what appears to be a brass lid. It’s about the size of a cigar, only I don’t think it’s big enough to put a cigar in. It’s an oblong shape. On the lid, in cursive, it says Henderson’s Coney Island.

    Any ideas?


    • egulvision said

      I’m not quite suire about your find. However, here’s a link to “Amusing the Zillion”, Tricia Vita who runs the site, and spend most of her life documenting Coney Island would probably know, if she doesn’t she may know someone that does.


      I hope this is helpful.


  4. cindy said

    were you still looking for an original old photo from the World In Wax Musee? There is an old picture on ebay. If this email goes thru to you, email me back, and I will forward you the picture/link. I happened upon it while looking at an auction for a wax head (from there) he has lots of good pix with the description, Cindy Landi

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